Office Bearers' Conferences

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2018: Dealing with Conflict at Church Meetings: An Office-bearer's Perspective | Elder Kevin Ash (Grand Rapids HRC)
Dealing with Conflict at Church Meetings: A Chairman's Perspective | Rev. John Koopman (Chilliwack FRC)
Q & A Session

2017: Sinful Sexual Relationships from a Biblical, Legal and Pastoral Perspective. | Rev. Kelderman (from PRTS) & Mr. Andre Schutten (from ARPA Canada)
   Q & A Session

2016: The Church in Exile | Dr. Barrett & Rev. Moerdyk
   Q & A Session

2015: The Power of the Holy Spirit in the Work of the Ministry | Dr. Michael Barrett

2014: Church Discipleship | Dr. Joseph Pipa

2009: Catechizing and Teaching Children | Mr. Jim Beeke

2008: Leading Souls to Christ | Dr. David Murray

2008: Engaging our Young People in Study and Service | Rev. Mark Kelderman

2005: Dealing with Personal Evangelism | Dr. Brian DeVries

2005: Dealing with Criticism | Dr. Joel Beeke

2004: Developing and Outreach or Church Growth Program | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2004: Baptism | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2003: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth | Dr. Gerald Bilkes

2002: Officebearing Burden or Joy | Rev. John Byl

2002: Teaching Catechism | Rev. Michael Fintelman

2001: Pastoring the Dying & Mourning | Dr. Joel Beeke

2001: Ten Guidelines for Biblical Counseling | Dr. Joel Beeke

2001: Relationship between Teaching and Ruling Elders | Dr. Robert Johnson

2000: Article 27 and Term Limits | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2000: Family Visitation | Rev. Mark Kelderman

1999: Guidance for Office Bearers | Dr. Joel Beeke

1999: The Ministry | Rev. James Greendyk

1998: The Office of Ruling Elder | Rev. Foppe Vander Zwaag

1998: The Office of Deacon | Rev. David Lipsy

1997: The Reformed Church Order | Rev. Bartel Elshout

1997: Personal Obstacles in Office Bearing | Dr. Joel Beeke