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Our mission statement guides our efforts in ministry and outreach, “By the Spirit’s grace, discipling believers and evangelizing unbelievers for God’s glory.” Each ministry seeks bring the gospel of Jesus Christ through word and deed, through the spoken word or printed page, in person or via the web.

HRC Missions

Mission statement: The purpose of the Heritage Reformed Congregations (hereafter HRC) missions program is to glorify the Triune God, by proclaiming the message of salvation alone in Jesus Christ throughout the world, in order that lost sinners might be reconciled to God in Christ by the Holy Spirit. To accomplish its mission statement the HRC Mission Committee is seeking…

Elementary and Secondary Christian Education

Most HRC parents make great sacrifices to send their children to their own Christian schools. Some make use of other Christian schools or undertake homeschooling. Few send their children to public schools. The primary reason for this commitment is that raising covenant children is a solemn responsibility. Parents are duty bound to educate their children in an atmosphere…

Evangelism & Church Planting

The HRC is engaged in numerous evangelistic and church-planting efforts. Our churches continue to take seriously their calling to spread the gospel, beginning locally. In most congregations, local evangelism committees are zealous in bringing the gospel to the lost in a variety of ways. Current methods include Bible studies, radio ministry, neighborhood Sunday school,…