Articles and Presentations

Office Bearers Conference

The Cross

The Father's Bargain

What Sinners Should Plead with God

The Friendship of Christ


Underneath are the Everlasting Arms (2015 Women's Conference)




The Christian Life

Doctrinal Standards & Church Order

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2016: The Church in Exile | Dr. Barrett & Rev. Moerdyk

Q & A Session


2015: The Power of the Holy Spirit in the Work of the Ministry | Dr. Michael Barrett


2014: Church Discipleship | Dr. Joseph Pipa

2011: The Office-Bearer as Steward: A Puritan View | Dr. Gerald Bilkes

2009: Catechizing and Teaching Children | Mr. Jim Beeke


2008: Leading Souls to Christ | Dr. David Murray

2008: Engaging our Young People in Study and Service | Rev. Mark Kelderman

2007: Depression, A Hidden Affliction | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2005: Dealing with Personal Evangelism | Dr. Brian DeVries

2005: Dealing with Criticism | Dr. Joel Beeke

2004: Developing and Outreach or Church Growth Program | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2004: Baptism | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2003: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth | Dr. Gerald Bilkes

2002: Officebearing Burden or Joy | Rev. John Byl

2002: Teaching Catechism | Rev. Michael Fintelman

2001: Pastoring the Dying & Mourning | Dr. Joel Beeke

2001: Ten Guidelines for Biblical Counseling | Dr. Joel Beeke

2001: Relationship between Teaching and Ruling Elders | Dr. Robert Johnson

2000: Article 27 and Term Limits | Rev. Bartel Elshout

2000: Family Visitation | Rev. Mark Kelderman

1999: Guidance for Office Bearers | Dr. Joel Beeke

1999: The Ministry | Rev. James Greendyk

1998: The Office of Ruling Elder | Rev. Foppe Vander Zwaag

1998: The Office of Deacon | Rev. David Lipsy

1997: The Reformed Church Order | Rev. Bartel Elshout

1997: Personal Obstacles in Office Bearing | Dr. Joel Beeke